Parenting coordination (PC) is a relatively new practice used in some US states to manage ongoing issues in high-conflict and visitation cases by a Licensed Mental Health Professional or a lawyer assigned by the Court. There are 10 states as of May, 2011 that have passed legislation regarding parenting coordinators; Florida became recognized in 2009.

Parenting Coordination is NOT psychotherapy, is NOT marriage counseling, is NOT mediation, and is NOT custody evaluation. Parenting Coordination IS a dispute resolution process whereby the parenting coordinator may be recommended by a Judge or Magistrate either prior to divorce or during post-divorce proceedings.

Parenting Coordination is NOT psychotherapy, NOT marriage counseling, NOT mediation, NOT custody evaluation. What it is is a disputer resolution.

The Florida Supreme Court Certified Parenting Coordinator has undergone extensive training and supervision. The Parenting Coordinator helps work out issues such as visitation and exchanges, and other decisions involving the health and welfare of the children. The Parenting Coordinator also helps parents develop skills to appropriately co-parent their children.

If you need help with co-parenting your children, do not hesitate to call Dr. Sammi L. Siegel, Ph.D.