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Why January is Considered the “Divorce Month”

January has been dubbed “divorce month” — and with good reason. It shows a higher number of divorce filings than any other month. Going through a divorce during the holidays can be emotionally draining, which is why many people don’t do it – they put it off until January. People don’t want to upset the status quo, rituals or routines over the holiday season; they want a peaceful Christmas, Hanukkah, festive season or happy New Year’s. They also don’t want their children to associate the holidays with their parents’ divorce – that certainly is putting their children’s best interest first. And then after soul searching and reflection during this time, many realize that they don’t want to spend another year with their spouse, as soon as the holidays are over they make this life changing decision, and file.

While there are no hard numbers on how many divorces are filed in January, it’s undoubtedly a popular time to act, rivaled only by September, when marriages break up after the summer holidays. If you are relating to any of this, now is the time to be SMART about your divorce. What does this mean?

Be SMART about your divorce:

Start with realistic goals and objectives. State them.

Maximize your knowledge and information.

Avoid being emotionally reactive.

Retain the best divorce team you can afford.

Treat your divorce as a business transaction.

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